How to Juice Cannabis

Ever Wondered How To Juice Cannabis?

People use the cannabis plant for many things. Patients, doctors and caregivers  alike are studying the benefits of using marijuana infused food instead of smoking cannabis. This article will provide you with instructions on how to juice cannabis properly. Today, all kinds of vegetables are being juiced to draw more nutrition out of them. Pressed vegetable juice is being consumed in greater volumes now than ever before. Now you can also add marijuana to your juicing ingredient list.

Why Should You Juice Your Pot?

Research suggests new benefits stand to be gained if you juice and drink your herb instead of smoking it. This mainly because lack of heating cannabis infused foods compared to the traditional consumption process. In its most basic form, Marijuana. When you add heat a vegetable by cooking it, you can cause it to lose nutritional value. Setting weed on fire causes the leaves to heat up, and allows healthy compounds to escape the leaf. Another thing to keep in mind is that you typically are smoking marijuana to get high whereas juicing pot is about garnering nutritional value from the plant.

Juiced cannabis has many healthy compounds and none of the psychoactive effects that smoking weed produces. On top of which, there are a great deal of raw cannabinoids in the juiced version. Cannabinoids can help heal damaged cells and improve how they ho the cellular system functions. Drinking juiced marijuana can also act as an any inflammatory for your body. Some cannabis juicers have reported to have that it reduced the size of their tumors.

How to Juice Cannabis Correctly

When it comes to the juicing process, you have to be very realistic. You can’t just randomly take some marijuana, toss it in a juicer, and expect the desired result. Pot sold for smoking in dispensaries is dried, not “produce fresh”. To properly juice marijuana you need the raw leaf, ideally just picked from the plant. It’s extremely important the leaves be 100% pure without any pesticides or insecticides The fresher your cannabis, the better the result.

Chances are low you will get your hands on raw herb leaves through your local dispensary. Its suggested that you procure some seeds and grow your own cannabis for quality control purposes. This is the one of the best ways to make sure that the leaf juicing is pure and fresh. You have to grow a nice size pot plant before you can pick the leaves as you can risk killing the plant. Juice 15 cannabis leaves at a time and put them in a container in the freezer. Try mixing in different fruit juices to change the flavor reduce the bitter taste of the raw marijuana leaves.

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