New Tech In Marijuana Vending Machines

Marijuana To Revolutionize The Vending Machine Industry?

According to Wikipedia, the first modern vending machines were developed in England in the early 19th century and dispensed postcards. I remember in the early 1990’s going to restaurants and seeing old school pull operated cigarette vending machines. I still see them from time to time in random dive bars. Newer, more sophisticated drink and snack machines have come have come to be common place in almost every lobby or hallway in schools, hospitals and other public buildings.

Up until recently, I thought being able to use a credit card in one of these machines was about as advanced as one could get. And of course, marijuana vending machines have been bred for some time now. However, the cannabis industry innovative spirit surprised me again with more sophisticated version of your run-of-the-mill vending machine.

How Smart Are Marijuana Vending Machines Getting?

Traditionally, its been difficult to sell age-verified products in vending machines because of the rick of selling to minors. That’s all changing with American Green’s introduction of the ZaZZZ marijuana vending machine, with automatic age-verification. This biometric cannabis vending machine uses fingerprint identification to allow you to buy your buds and edibles. Watch NBC News’ video below to see the unveiling of this marijuana vending machine in Colorado.

Video Credit NBC News

ZaZZZ operated primarily in medical marijuana states and requires a medical marijuana card & driver’s license for items to be dispensed. The ZaZZZ recently underwent a rebranding to become “The American Green Machine.” in attempts to reach a wider market outside the cannabis industry. The vending machine markers plan to open the door to a wide array of new age-verified items.

Customers will have to register and create a profile through the company’s application. Users will receive a QR code that allows the customer to use the vending machine.

David Gwyther, chairman and acting president at American Green said, “A baseball fan could buy a beer at the game in New York and cannabis from a dispensary in California the next day through the same app utilizing their verified account,”

Though the marijuana vending machine technology may have already made their debut, American Green was waiting for the perfect time to launch its app-based security settings to the consumer market.

As of current these cannabis vending solutions are being placed in medical marijuana dispensaries, which aid in verifying customers’ identity and age since medical marijuana cards are required to enter these establishments.  Edible vending machines showed up for the first time in Colorado a year or so ago. However, they did not offer the option to puchase smokeable buds.

The machines have a touchscreen user interfaces where buyers can order their marijuana, read medical cannabis information and even play video games. Then they just swipe their medical marijuana IDs and/or driver’s licenses to validating they can legally purchase the items. The catch is, you have to pay in cash or bitcoin since the federal government doesn’t allow debit/credit cards to be used in the sale of cannabis.

Eventually, David Gwyther hope to take American Green’s machines to other venues outside medical cannabis dispensaries as awareness of the product increases. And as far as security goes, this vending machine doesn’t have a glass window thieves can break into. This vending supposedly very secure and has been compared a “miniature little Fort Knox“.

Original Story Credits: High Times & NBC News | Photo & Video Credit: NBC News