NASCAR Rejects Veedverks Marijuana Ad

NASCAR Rejects Veedverks Marijuana Ad Sponsor Attempt

KANSAS CITY, Kan. — Coming off a long-term racing ban, Carl Long was forced to remove the logo of a marijuana ad sponsored by Veedverks, a Colorado-based marijuana vaping cartridge company. NASCAR rejected Veedverks’ attempt to advertise during Monster Energy Nascar Cup Series at Kansas City Speedway stating the ad violated rules governing sponsorship and paint schemes.

The logo of Colorado-based vape cartridge company Veedverks was brightly painted on Long’s green and yellow No. 66 race car. When NASCAR officials learned of the cannabis hood logo, they had crew members strip it before the car was allow on the track. A NASCAR spokesperson later said the marijuana ad was never vetted or approved.

NASCAR Marijuana Ads
Photo Credit: Veedverks’ Facebook feed had this image with the following caption “They approved it, we spent the money, then they stripped our logo off the car without so much as an apology. We are still sponsoring Carl because our word is our bond. Go Carl! #66”

The spokesman’s story seems to contradict the email chain seen in this screenshot posted on Veeverks’ Facebook Page. Email correspondence between Long and NASCAR’s Racing Operations & Event Manager, Jusan Hamilton says otherwise.

Despite the alleged approval, NASCAR officials said Veedverks logo will not be a featured hood ornament on Long’s race car the rest of the weekend.

Carl Long finally returned to NASCAR this weekend after an eight-year ban the results from an unpaid rules infraction fine earlier in his racing career. The previously imposed bannishment was lifted by NASCAR this season, allowing Long to compete again.