NJ’s Cannabis Legalization Push

More On The Road To Cannabis Legalization in New Jersey

New Jersey’s cannabis legalization push has been in in the news a lot recently. Governor Chris Christie has gone out of his way for seven years to to block progressive marijuana legislation. Christie, also known as the “opiate czar” continually obstructed expansion of NJ’s medical marijuana program. He even made reference to cannabis reform being a “democratic plot to poison children”.

With support for cannabis legalization reaching about 60 percent nationwide, it’s been understood that New Jersey’s next governor will most likely legalize recreational marijuana. Last week, the chair of New Jersey’s Senate Judiciary Committee, Senator Nicholas Scutari, introduced a bill to establish taxation and a regulated cannabis industry throughout the Garden State.

It’s obvious, New Jersey is ready for cannabis legalization, as soon as Chris Christie moves out of the way. The video above features Danny Danko, High Times Senior Cultivation Editor on Cheddar TV to discussing the topic. He talks explains why Chris Christie hates pot so much, the path to legalization and the impact it may have on New Jersey.

Original Story Credit: HighTimes.com | Photo Credits: MarijuanaStocks.com