Top 10 Must See Stoner Flicks

Like To Get High And Watch Movies?

Movies are an American institution mostly made in California… So they share a lot with Cannabis. And the internet loves lists, you know it, I know it… we all know it. So with that we thought we’d take two great things – Marijuana and Movies and create a list of the 10 best stoner movies… in our opinion of course.

Our Top 10 Must See Stoner Movies

1)How High

This is my personal favorite stoner film of all time. Method Man and Redman are hilarious in this film. It may not be the most popular stoner move but I laugh every single time I watch it. Don’t forget to get stoned before watching How High.

2) Fast Times at Ridgemont High

This is probably one of the most iconic stoner films of all time due to Sean Penn’s portrayal of “Spicoli”. Don’t forget the scene where Phoebe Cates gets out of the pool…

 3) Dazed and Confused

No stoner movie list is complete without Dazed and Confused. Richard Linklater just won Oscar’s for “Boyhood” but this is one of his first films. A love letter to the 1970’s with countless quotable stoner diatribes. (Yes I just said diatribes)

4) Cheech & Chong’s “UP IN SMOKE”

Up in smoke was admittedly the first real stoner movie I ever saw. In my personal opinion it’s the best Cheech & Chong movie as well. So many amazing and memorable scenes including the culmination where they play the song “Earache My Eye” at the Roxy Theater.

5) Half Baked

No list of stoner films is complete without Half Baked (I know I just said that about Dazed and Confused but it’s equally true here) – A lot of big comedy names in this one… before they were big. Dave Chappelle, Jon Stewart. A true stoner classic.

6) Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas

Possibly the best book to movie translation ever. Terry Gilliam nails everything about Hunter S. Thompson’s insane drug soaked Las Vegas romp. Johnny Depp and Benicio Del Toro couldn’t be more perfect as the Thompson and his lawyer and that hitchhiker is Spiderman bro!

7) Clerks

Kevin Smith’s epic black and white tale of gas station Clerks is now an Indie classic. It’s on the stoner list more because Kevin Smith himself is a stoner and less because of actual marijuana use in the film. The conversations about contractors working on the death star and Oleg’s metal band “F**k You Yankee Blue Jeans” are definite stoner themes.

8) Pineapple Express

Seth Rogen kind of has the stoner comedy thing locked down these days. With hits like “This is the End” and “Knocked Up” he’s always bringing the stoner vibe to popular comedies. Pineapple Express was his first full blown pot driven comedy and it’s a great one.

9) Harold & Kumar Go to White Castle

No list of Stoner films would be complete… ok ok, that’s enough. This is another true stoner classic. Not only is the movie itself hilarious, Neal Patrick Harris just owns. I can’t speak for the sequels but the first Harold & Kumar movie is a stoner film classic.

10) The Big Lebowski

The Dude is a stoner icon of course… if you haven’t seen the Big Lebowski it’s like, where have you been bruh? Get out from under your rock and check this movie out. It even has Flea from the Red Hot Chili Peppers as one of the “Nihilists”

*11) Kid Cannabis (*HONORABLE MENTION)

Kid Cannabis gets the #11 slot and an honorable mention seeing how it’s a more recent movie. That doesn’t take away from it’s greatness though. It’s the story of Idaho teenager Nate Norman who’s rise to prominence was detailed in a 2005 Rolling Stone article. The film also has Ron Perlman and was controversial due to a scene that was actually filmed in a Marijuana growing facility in Canada where the crew had to be transported in a van with blacked out windows.

Original Story  & Photo Credit: Cannabinoid Media